New release

Welcome to WebTrust.


Our latest release of WebTrust VPN protection1.85 is now ready for download.

This release includes fast VPN recovery ,IP jump,startup protection and uTorrent v1.6 - v3.0 protection.


Fast VPN recovery

High speed VPN monitoring

External IP security probe

IP Jump functionality

uTorrent protection

uTorrent 1.6 Legacy Support

Startup protection

VPN & Torrent control panel

Multiple VPN provider support

WebTrust VPN, the #1 vpn protector



WebTrust VPN is the #1 vpn line protector. WebTrust ensures that your VPN connection stays connected and intact. WebTrust VPN rapid monitoring system tracks your VPN line status and detects any instability and disconnects.



The solution to constant VPN connectivity.

If your VPN line goes down, WebTrust immediately shuts down all uTorrent downloads to ensure your privacy. WebTrust then recovers the VPN tunnel,
runs a series of internal and external security probes to validate tunnel integrity. Once tunnel integrity is verified, all uTorrent activities resume.


*VPN is currently used by security providers such as Ipredator, Dold, Anonine, Relakks, StrongVPN, Ivacy, StrongVPN, Relakks, Mullvad, Mad Vpn, Trilightzone, SwissVPN and others.
VPN is a great technology but it will only protect you when it is up and running. Due to the nature of the internet, sometimes the VPN connection goes down. Once this happens, you are unprotected and your IP can be tracked. If you are running a torrent client during a VPN disconnection your own IP will be used and registered.


*VPN - Virtual Private Network, a technology used to create sequre connection to the internet.

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